It is all in your mind, in your head. If you think you are stuck, you are. If you tell yourself you are free, you’ll soar like you never thought you could. The critics will pelt stones at you. That’s what they do best. Do not bother hurling them back; instead, use them to create unbreakable bridges, and make them your own. Dream big. Wish for more. Believe in the unusual. And work towards it. You’ll be fascinated by how the universe will make sure you reach it.
It is up to you. Jostle with your mind, challenge it, or team up with it while you climb to reach the unreachable.

Peace and Chaos

It is easy to demand silence, peace, quiet. It is easy to want to concentrate on your soul and shut your eyes to the chaos that the world is replete with. But that isn’t what peace of mind really is. To be at peace with yourself, you must be eager to have noise and confusion to mingle with your thoughts, to have a collage to interfere with your observation, to have explosions to interrupt the calm, and still find music and harmony in the cacophony.


We all have built unshakable walls around the private corners of our heart, and most of us have the doors shut. It isn’t because we fear that people might sneak in, it is because we are waiting for the people who won’t even need to knock on the door and we will hold it open for them. They are the right kind of people.


It is human to have regrets, to make mistakes, to want to badly go back in time to undo a deal or to make a different choice. You’ll be forgiven for wishing to walk back the long road that you’ve come walking- often limping- as an outcome of a Choice! You’ll be forgiven for craving to take The Other Road, making The Other Choice.

 Because we are all human. Our regrets define us. 

But there’s another truth waiting for us, screaming at us out there, in bold: IT’S ALL WRITTEN!

Connect the dots forward

It’s impossible to connect the dots looking forward. When you first meet a person, nothing about their face or their ways suggests what they’ll be to you in two years. But there comes a change, probably an aggregate of many small ones. A whim by the winds, one turn of the tides, and before you know, you realize the transformation. Flabbergasted is all you can be- sometimes not even that.

When in a storm 

Perfection is the highest form of lie, the greatest illusion, the worst deception. None of us fall into the category of 100% specklessness. Fortunately, we don’t need perfection to leave our mark on the lives around us. The goodness radiating out of us shines through the flaws, no matter how dark they are stained, and the illumination reaches far beyond our sight. The goodness is contagious, whether or not we see proof of it. All we need is the courage to soil our hands to lift up another, when need arises. All that counts is whether we head on ahead mindlessly, or turn back to save an absolute stranger from under the rubble. Our character is what shows from beneath the mask, when thrown in a storm.