There’s fog on my left.
And dust on my right.
A world of uncertainty around me,
A sense of haze in my mind.
When I turn behind,
The memories are a blur
While I strain to look ahead,
I see nothing beyond a turn.
I look at the soil
My feet planted firm
Stealthy in my stride
But stable as an urn.
No matter that I cringe
No matter where I stare
I’m never going to master
To look through the glare.
There will be days
When I look up for some shine
Some ray of guidance
A beacon just in time.
But soon I will see
That I’m looking in vain
For clarity in my sight where
Obscurity has been rule, time and again.
I guess I’ll take a step at a time
Not worrying about the maze
I’ll hold my head high
I’ll trust the haze.

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