The power to make magic

You stare at the moon and watch it change colour. You look at it blankly and wonder why it was you in that sad place, in that sorry state.You look at the moon and slip in thoughts of possibilities; you ponder at the chances that you could have taken, would have taken if the world was kinder to you. You blink at the stark contrast and wonder if you got everything you deserved, or anything at all that you were worthy of. You do this every once in a while to treat yourself to self pity. You take consolation in thinking that you are the victim of the world and a slave to your destiny. You will be disappointed to know that you are alone in no way. 

But you have a way to rise above the crowd. Make something substantial of this very realization. 

Do not wait for the morning. Let the moon watch you while you grow and spread love with what you have, and you’ll see how you can create magic out of the opportunity called life.

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