If the deafening music from the dhol wasn’t enough, there came spurts of fire crackers in the form of bombs that left a missing beat for most. Tens of feet danced to perfect beats as occasional bouts of gulal stained the misted air. 

I tried my best to divert my attention to the feel of the rhythm of blood flowing through the arteries in my ears. Blocking both my ears with all my might couldn’t keep the noise of the dhol out of my hearing. Through the shut glass windows of my balcony, I didn’t need to strain much to see the multi foot tall idol of lord Ganesh placed in the carrier area of a huge truck. The idol was elaborated with garlands and flowers, with bright colours further accentuated by the flash of spot lights. Through the purposefully created smile of the Idol, I imagined what would cause its eyes to be saddened. The entire procession held a long queue of traffic waiting behind it, the blaring horns of the impatient commuters being overpowered by the beat of superfast bollywood numbers imitated by the hired band. The crowd was in thousands, a few were drunk enough to even dance to silence. The others, unmindful of the ambulance they were holding up behind them, kept chanting morya morya.

In the momentum, I too, summoned the Gods in my head and prayed to them to give some wisdom to the crowd so they can open their eyes to the plight beyond the elaborate idol of clay. 

I did my best to answer my own doubts about the symbolic festival that Ganesh Chaturthi was supposed to be, and tried to comprehend why its underlying purpose was overshadowed by the blinding focus lights; and its simplicity smothered by the dominance of the dhol. 

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