Scars and Tattoos

And you have scars and bruises. Each one, distinct yet overlapping. There is little place for unscathed skin. Doesn’t mean that you have taken all the wrong steps and tripped on each. You don’t get to blame yourself for each cut- you have to accept that some wounds were meant to be. They were teachers, that helped you learn, love, grow. Sure as hell, there are beautiful tattoos etched in the right places on you to remind you of the happy times, the wonderful people and the enriching times when you lost yourself to the euphoria you were blessed with. The tattoos are meant to be forever. And there will be times when some cuts will fall precisely across the colourful lines joining the tattoos. Don’t be afraid to look through them, because, in the end, not only will those gashes become a serene part of the happy times, they will immortalise them. 

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