The right knight 

When you have your back Against the wall,

After a thoughtless jump, 

When you need to cushion the fall;

When you are at your best, 

And when you are so low

You know the tears won’t help

And you cannot even explain the sorrow;

When you are neck deep in water

Or are trudging against the tide,

When the winds are not in your favour 

And when the sails are not enough wide;

When hopes are meagre 

When greed takes over

When conscience loses its hold

When the abyss is deep and cold, 

There will not be a silhouette with a beacon to show you home; 

There won’t be a shadow from behind the fog to save your soul. 

Only You will come to your rescue.

You are your shining armor of silver. 

And You are the Knight under it.

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